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We offer comprehensive services to students and professionals from all parts of India, who wish to study, work and settle in the United States of America, U.K, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, Denmark, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and Australia.



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One stop shop for all your international education needs. Established in 2005, Orient Spectra has come a long way in providing quality services in the field of overseas education

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We offer comprehensive services to students and professionals from all parts of India,Help - 9000 456765, Immigration - 9966549111

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Orient Spectra has been established under the aegis of Mr.Srinivas Goud who has been in the field of overseas education for the last 9 years with the intention of providing quality education consulting services to students..

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The quality of education at the Michigan WP College is confirmed by the annual appraisals conducted by the university itself which show that the majority of students are satisfied with their selection of the university and the education programme. The University’s strongest points are: its prestige, development opportunities and the study environment.


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University Awards

 Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award
  • High achievement and rigor in science classes.
  • High PSAT Math and/or SAT Math scores.
 Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award
  • A demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult.
  • Leadership and dedication to community action.
  • Strong grades & rigorous courses taken in the humanities & social sciences.

 Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
  • A strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area.
  • Exposure to new technologies outside of school, such as pursuing serious work opportunities in local laboratories or industry.
  • Leading other students to new approaches to old problems, e.g.business plans for fundraising; innovative community service.

Studying at Michigan

Find out about everything relating to our admissions at Michigan WP College including all details. Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, we want to help.

undergraduate admissions

Admission to the Michigan is a highly selective process. We hold applicants to a high standard of academic, show us who you are.


graduate admissions

Earning your graduate degree or graduate certificate at the Michigan is an important investment in your education and in your life.


continuing education

Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) offers results-orientated programs that make a real connection with your professors and classmates.