Application Procedure & Admissions

Application Procedure & Admissions

Procedure to follow

The most important step in the whole process of studying abroad, is the application process. Unless applications are filed properly, completely and correctly, and sent on time ie., before the dead lines admission is either deferred or denied. This is loss of money, time and work and also effects future admission process.

Before staring the application procedure the student should take care and think of the following aspects:

Is the student choosing the right university?

Has the student given all required tests or not?

Are all the necessary documents are including the academics are arranged & attested properly?

Is the student having updated information about the Deadlines of the universities?

Filling the application form with complete information.

Follow up with the university from time to time in order to seek admission or I20.

Being new to this procedure student might commit mistakes which may affect his admission hence our professionals will take care right from filling the application form to till issue of offer letter or I20. In such a way that the student is guaranteed with the admission.

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